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In our world, a world of processed foods and fluorescently lit factories, of artificial colors and ingredients they can’t pronounce, how do we know if what we're buying is good for the earth, and good for us? Based on key learnings from researching our 18-24 year old target market, we know they won’t support brands that appear too corporate, or clean, or picture-perfect. So when we thought about how to reach these skeptical consumers with a corporate-feeling brand, we knew we needed to make a bit of a mess. 

Our team realized that when it comes to food, dirt isn’t a bad thing. Both our target consumers and Ocean Spray growers know that the closer things are to the dirt, the better they are for you. They want the good kind of dirt sprinkled throughout their daily lives. And that’s why they want to do more than just eat dirty. They want to Live Dirty.


Our new labels visually communicate "Seed to Shelf" and reflect the dirtiness of the Ocean Spray cooperative: hands just like that picked the cranberries used to make that bottle of juice.


These POP displays support these new labels and are designed to disrupt the static cleanliness of grocery stores, showing our target how the dirtiest things can still be the best for them.


This touchpoint sparks face-to-face interaction between Ocean Spray and the target, showing them how Ocean Spray’s cooperative growers live dirty and work together during cranberry harvests. It will also tangibly reward our target for getting in the mud, helping create a positive correlation between Ocean Spray and the fun of living dirty.


This is designed to meet our target where they are and inform them about entering our contest. 


YouTube banner ads that grab the attention of  our target through motion graphic. There will be three ads, one for each campaign phase: Awareness, Engagement and Maintenance.


ROLE: Art Director

CW: Rosie Hutchison

GD: Kristy Larue

VID: Brad Nachtrieb

CD: Frank Corridori + Mark Swanson

Live Dirty is a campaign produced by MOJO Ad at the Missouri School of Journalism. All contents are the property of Ocean Spray and shall not be modified, reproduced or used without prior consent. © 2017

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