Consumer Journey


Skittles had a preexisting partnership with the NFL, but they didn't know how to get Skittles on the table at an NFL home viewing experience. Our team conducted qualitative research, crafted consumer insights and developed a consumer journey for the 18 - 24 year old youth and young adult market to suggest how to make Skittles synonymous with the NFL. Our journey is crafted through the eyes of our target, "The Wildcard."

Client: Skittles

Class: Management of Strategic Communication @ Mizzou

Team: Marta Witko, Meghan Gordon, Michael Wang, Lauren Rundall, Kandice Head

Role: Design and Layout, Focus Group and IDI Facilitation, Screener Creation




To introduce our campaign, we created a quick video that summarizes The Wildcard's journey to purchasing Skittles for an NFL home viewing experience. The video is shot from the perspective of our target.


This is where the good stuff is. The research, the insights, the findings, the IDI and Focus Group participants and the consumer journey can all be found here. See a brief preview below.