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Lay's Turn up the flavor

360 Program

In 2019, one of the biggest questions we were asked to solve for our brand was how can we become more culturally relevant.

We found that both flavor and music are able to spark feelings of joy, excitement, and nostalgia, and we knew if we paired the right flavors and music together, we could create a multi-sensory experience. Using our expertise in flavor and the talent of Grammy-nominated artist Bebe Rexha, we teamed up to help tell the story of how experiencing flavor and music together to create a sensory experience that’s never been done. 

Due to its cultural resonance, the program was an instant success. In fact, it was the biggest success in brand history. The following year, clients requested Turn Up the Flavor 2.0.


paid Social

Animated social posts through our paid media came to life in the form of fun music and flavor cues. These were seen on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



We used Bebe's influence to help push the narrative. She posted a series of #NewFlavorFriday stories each week unveiling a new flavor.



For each flavor, we had a custom Bebe Rexha remix that could be unlocked by scanning the package. On the website, users could access all their unlocked remixes, register for exclusive behind the scenes content and win concert cash.



We brought this sensory experience to life for media and influencers by giving them exclusive access to our new flavors and debuting the new songs by Bebe Rexha.


Agency: The Marketing Arm

Role: Art Director / Designer

CW: Kyle Winker

CD: Mackenzie Squires

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