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Art Direction, Design, Photography, Animation

Youtheory is one of the original collagen supplement brands. The team travels around the globe in search of the purest, most efficacious ingredients to create the highest quality science-backed supplements that naturally support individual beauty, emotional, digestive and physical well-being. But – the quality of their social media presence did not reflect the quality of their products. 


Our small creative team transformed their online presence into a go-to destination for our fans. Using strategic content pillars, we began to offer our followers healthy lifestyle inspiration, in-depth product information, recipe ideas, and relevant reminders. 

During the pandemic, we pumped out 15-20 thoughtfully made posts per month, while working remotely and without access to studio space, photographers, retouchers, animators, or models. Our small creative team of 3 individually became all of those people while working across 3 different cities: shopping for props, setting up the shot in our apartments, recruiting our friends and family when we needed a model, shooting on our limited equipment at home, retouching, editing, animating – you name it. And the results continue to be a massive success.

Success metrics: 

Followers - Organically increased by 8k 

Engagement - From average >1k likes to average <6k likes per unpaid post

Banana Bread Day_R1.jpg

From this...

Dated, messy, no strategy, uninteresting content


to this...

Colorful, clean, strategic, culturally relevant, informational

content pillars

Sample month of 15-20 posts per month, based on the topics our fans care about most. Click to view post captions.